Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

Yes, we have setup Moneris debit/credit and is now available.

Are there washroom facilities available?

There is a portable chemical flush toilet with sink available in the orchard.

Is it less expensive to pick your own?

No, prices are identical to picking from the front market table. There is a minimum purchase of $20 per vehicle (single family) to enter the orchard.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we allow at this time, however please pick up after your dog and maintain it on a leash for the entire duration – even at the back reaches of the orchards.

Is there an admission or parking fee?

There is no parking fee; however there is a $20 minimum purchase per vehicle (single family) to enter the orchards.

Can I bring my own food to the pick-your-own area?

Picnics are not permitted except as part of an authorized group event. Please contact management for further details.

Can I bring my own professional photographer? 

Professional Photographers must register with management and are subject to ‘photo session fees’. A photographer can be recommended if there is an interest.

Do you have horse apples?

Yes, they are available by the bushel at a discounted rate. Please enquire at the front.

Are your trees labelled?

Many of the trees are now color-coded with a coding map located at the front market. Our sales specialists will gladly assist with product differentiation and best locations for picking.

Are your apples organic?

No, in order to provide you with consistent supply of quality product we do employ a fungal and pesticide spray program. Despite the benefits of a weed-less orchard, there is no herbicide program in place. For further information please contact management or email John Borcsok with our contact here

What apples should I use for baking?

Much of this is personal preference however we do recommend our Golden Delicious, Cortland and Spies for baking. Golden Delicious are not typically suggested, however Mrs. Borcsok will argue that they are the best apple for pies and because of their sweetness require less added sugar. Blending in a Mac or two will assist with the consistency.